Montana Association for Rehabilitation

MAR is A Private Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Persons with Disabilities


The Montana Association for Rehabilitation is comprised of vocational rehabilitation counselors, orientation and mobility specialists, independent living specialists, vocational evaluators, job placement specialists, job coaches, social workers, teachers, students of rehabilitation, and rehabilitation program support staff and administrators.

As professionals in the field of rehabilitation, we endeavor to reduce social barriers through increased disability awareness, and to promote work and independence for Montanans who live with disabilities. In 2008, for example, this team of dedicated professionals, some of whom live with disabilities themselves, helped 913 Montanans with disabilities become gainfully employed, tax-paying citizens who earned 14.4 million dollars in wages this past year alone.


MAR’s mission is to create a supportive environment in which committed individuals in the field of rehabilitation share goals, values, and experiences. This is done in an atmosphere of dignity, affirmation, celebration, and hope, promoting growth and fulfillment in ourselves, the field of rehabilitation and those we serve.

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