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Nominations are due by September 23, 2022!

The Award categories are:

The Achievement Award

This is an award for technical and/or professional achievement in
the field of rehabilitation. This award may be presented to a person or organization that has in
the preceding years made a major contribution of importance to the increase of knowledge in
the field of rehabilitation or to the development of techniques or methods in the application
of such knowledge or to the prevention of disability.
Eligibility for this award would be, for example, a) the author of a notable technical treatise
of rehabilitation, b) a physician or medical school that has discovered a new technique useful
in rehabilitating certain groups of persons with disabilities, c) a research scientist or a
laboratory whose work has led to the discovery of a prevention or cure for a disabling
condition, d) a rehabilitation worker who has put into practice a new rehabilitation technique
or method which has had an important effect on rehabilitation practice.

The President’s Award

This is an award for outstanding achievement on behalf of persons
with disabilities. It is presented to an individual or an organization whose activity in the
preceding years has made a major contribution to the rehabilitation of persons with
disabilities on a state-wide basis, in an area not generally considered technical.
Eligibility for this award would be, for example, a) a member of the State Legislature who
has made a major contribution to the passage of legislation which increases rehabilitation
opportunities for persons with disabilities, b) an employer whose intelligent and persistent
efforts provide employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and inspire others to
do likewise, c) a member of a profession or other group whose zeal for rehabilitation has
heightened the interest and enlarged the contribution of that profession or group, d) a person
with a disability whose example has inspired others as to effect a state-wide impact upon

The Organizational Award

The Organizational Award is presented to an organization with
an outstanding record of service to persons with disabilities. The organization may be one
whose principle objectives are in the rehabilitation field or one which, regardless of it’s major
objectives, has demonstrated effective concern for the care, treatment, education, or
rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
Eligible for this award may be organizations that have made a contribution to the well-being
or rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in activities over and beyond the purpose for
which the organization was established. Nominees eligible for the Organizational Award
would be: a) an organization that has established a unique service program to better serve
persons with disabilities, b) an organization that has, through its initiative and creativity,
developed programs which have contributed significantly to the rehabilitation movement on a
state-wide basis, and c) organizations that have acted as a catalyst in the community to better
integrate, coordinate and develop services to persons with disabilities.
The recipient of an Organizational Award may be nominated for its past or present program
of activities and for its contributions during the preceding year or for a major contribution in
preceding years.

The Montana Association for Rehabilitation Meritorious Service Award

This state award is to be given to an individual who has demonstrated years of faithful service and
leadership to MAR through any segment or combination of segments of Association
activities or life. Emphasis is placed on both the length of service and levels of service and is
to be given to persons only showing outstanding service or leadership both qualitatively and
quantitatively. It might be given to a member who has provided outstanding membership
effort and leadership for a period of years, or for example, a member who has been
exceedingly active in chapter, division, and/or national committee(s) effort(s) and has
demonstrated leadership for a similar period of time. Sustained membership in the
Association is required.

Dr. Louis Allard Award

This award was established in 1966 to honor Louis Allard, M.D.
for his many years of devoted service to persons with disabilities. It is not anticipated that
each and every year such an individual will be identified as deserving of this award.
Examples of those eligible for this award would be a) an individual who has devoted his life’s
work, or major portion over the years, has greatly assisted persons with disabilities through
the promotion of programs and encouragement of others though not directly providing
service himself, b) an individual who has many accomplishments in various facets of
rehabilitation work and may qualify for several of the other awards. An individual need not
be a member of MAR to be eligible for the Dr. Louis Allard Award.

Counselor of the Year Award

This award is to be presented to a rehabilitation counselor
“in recognition of the pursuit and attainment of excellence in counseling persons with
disabilities”. This award honors a rehabilitation counselor who has made outstanding
contribution to improve services or more effective use of existing resources and approaches
for persons with disabilities. The recipient of this award will automatically be the state
nomination for the Elkins Award.
Eligibility for this award requires conformity to the Elkins Award requirements which-is are
the following: The counselor must have an active case load and be employed full-time to
work with and for and otherwise assist a clientele of persons with disabilities toward a goal of
greater independence. Nominations will be considered without regard to employment setting
or professional affiliation. The nominee should have demonstrated imagination and ingenuity
in the use of human and material resources for persons with disabilities or use more
effectively existing resources and approaches. Consideration will be given to the quality of
service provided, irrespective of age, background, or experience of the counselors nominated.
The counselor shall be selected by the Awards Committee prior to the Annual MAR
Conference. The nominee will automatically become the state’s nominee for the Elkins

Supportive Worker of the Year Award

This award is for excellent performance in support service to persons with disabilities. The nominee should be employed in a rehabilitation setting in a secretarial, bookkeeping, receptionist, or other clerical position.
Accomplishments should be recognized by co-workers, supervisors, and community. The
nominee should exemplify individual achievement in the field of rehabilitation as well as in
community activities.

Rehabilitation Award of the Year

This award is to be given to an individual who has made a significant contribution in the past year to the improvement of the life of persons with disabilities as part of a holistic, inter-disciplinary service delivery system, either
professionally or in a volunteer capacity. They have participated in the continuous treatment,
training or service delivery needs of persons with disabilities. These needs could encompass
medical, psychological, psychosocial, recreational, vocational or independent living needs of
the disabled.
The recipient should have demonstrated flexibility and creativity in dealing with the
specialneeds of each person and have worked in a positive manner to emphasize individual
abilities and support the rehabilitation process.
Eligibility for this award would be, for example, a) an independent living skills instructor
who has developed and implemented a creative and innovative approach to instruction of
living skills and training, b) a volunteer who has gone beyond the normal bounds of service
in providing transportation to recreational activities, such as fishing or swimming, c) a job
placement specialist who has shown excellence in the number and quality of placements

Employer of the Year Award.

This is an award for an employer whose compassionate and
persistent efforts provide employment for people with disabilities and inspire others to do
likewise. This award may be presented to a small employer that employs one person or to a
larger employer that provides an environment that allows an individual(s) with disabilities to
be competitively employed and an opportunity for advancement and/or skill enhancement.

Employment Achievement Award

An award recognizing a person with a disability who has gained or sustained employment. This award would acknowledge the person’s efforts, character, unique challenges and success in the pursuit of employment.