Billings Chapter

Contact LeAnn Aders at 406-248-4801 or for more information on Billings MAR meetings and activities.

Bozeman Chapter

Information coming soon.

Butte Chapter

Contact Mary Bobst at 406-496-4925 or for more information on Butte MAR meetings and activities.

Great Falls Chapter

Contact Jill Keough at 406-454-6060 or for more information on Great Falls MAR meetings and activities.

Havre Chapter

Contact Celina Cline at 406-256-6933 or for more information on Havre MAR meetings and activities.

Helena Chapter

Contact Chanda Hermanson at 406-465-7756 or for more information on Helena MAR meetings and activities.

Kalispell Chapter

Contact Shana Hammer at 406-300-7400 or for more information on Kalispell MAR meetings and activities.

Miles City Chapter

Contact Cheri Reed at 406-232-0583 or for more information on Miles City MAR meetings and activities.

Missoula Chapter

The Missoula MAR Chapter meets on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at the Missoula VR office at 2675 Palmer during the noon lunch hour. We try to have guest speakers every other month. This year we plan to have representatives from area businesses and service groups speak at our local chapter meetings. We also plan to tour new businesses in the area as well as the new Missoula College campus. There are typically 5-15 members present at the monthly meetings.

Contact Jeanne Stone at 406-329-5400 or jstone2@mt.gove for more information on Missoula MAR meetings and activities.